2017 Calendar

***the calendar is color coded by interest to make it easier to read and search for events that suit your interests!

Please contact the farm if you would like more info about any of these events!

Hunter / Jumper

For Horse Camp dates please see the respective page!



April 28-30 Diane Carney Clinic


May 5-7 Bernie Traurig clinic

May 27 SSHS @ KCS

May 28 SSHS @KCS


June 10 SSHS @ Cedar Creek Crossing

June 26- July 2 Waterloo "A"


July 22 SSHS @ Rising Hope

July 25-30 GLEF "AA" week 4


August 12 SSHS @ RHRC

August 16-20 Woodbine "A"


September 8-10 Woodbine schooling finals

September 30 SSHS finals @NPF


November 18 SSHS banquet

518 West Townline Rd.

 Harbor Springs, MI


231.526.2868  :: 231.838.9386